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Manduca sexta Segmental Ganglia  - Recording p.2
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Below are photos of the suction recording electrodes and how they are used. Click HERE to see photos of what it looks like when a nerve branch is sucked up into the electrode.
The suction electrodes and how to use them
Click HERE for a 1.25 minute video (11.8MB)

The ends of the three suction recording electrodes. Note the ground wires wrapped around each.

Each electrode is attached to manipulator.  The manipulators do not have to have the capacity for extremely fine movements.

A plastic tube comes out the back of each suction electrode.

The plastic tubes are attached to syringes with stop-cocks.

The stop-cock is opened..

In this position it is fully open.

The plunger is pulled back JUST A LITTLE BIT - only a few mls are need to suck the nerve root into the tip of the suction pipette.

The stop-cock is closed while the small amount of suction is maintained.


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