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METHODS in Neuroscience
We developed a small group of web pages that review some methods/techniques commonly used in neuroscience research.  These videos were taken during the 2001 Neurobiology Course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachussets, USA. 

Please note these pages are not intended to teach every aspect of a method or technique. We hope these pages will help you become familiar with various techniques so you can better understand, and visualize the techniques as you read the literature and think about possible new directions for your own research. After viewing these pages, PLEASE fill out the feedback form.

If you do want to learn more about the techniques demonstrated here, consider applying to one of IBRO's neuroscience schools

MBL has been designated the North American IBRO neuroscience school, and as such, applications from IBRO members and friends are encouraged.  Please note that acceptance into MBL neuroscience courses is extremely competitive. However, successful applicants who are designated "IBRO fellows" will be eligible for substantial financial support. Click HERE for more information, and/or visit the IBRO website and contact your IBRO regional committee chair for assistance. 

Very Important Note: to view the videos, it is probably easiest to "right click" on the link to save the video file on your computer and then view the video file after you have downloaded it. You may also "left click" on the link, but if you do that then you will probably see the video being played at very poor resolution as it downloads. However, after the file downloads in this way you should be able to play the video again and it will display properly.

Goldfish Mauthner Cell

Crayfish Neuromuscular Junction

in vitro Slice Preparation

Squid Giant Synapse

Manduca sexta Segmental Ganglion

Scallop (Pecten Irradiens) Retina

Whole Cell Patch Clamp Recording

In Progress

Single Channel Recording

Drosophila neuro-muscular junction


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