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Squid Giant Synapse - RECORDING - Page 1
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Recording equipment and diagram of the synapse

The overall set-up: computer, microscope, electronics. Pictured is Ernie Barreto.

A close-up view of the electronics rack.

The preparation on the stage of the microscope. Three manipulators with blue 'headstages' (electronic preamplifiers) can be seen. For the rightmost manipulator, the pipette holder and the recording pipette are also clearly visible. One electrode will be used to stimulate an action potential in the presynaptic axon, the other two will record the action potential in the presynaptic nerve terminal and in the postsynaptic neuron respectively.

The presynaptic axon is colored black, and the post synaptic axons are white. The finger is pointing to the axo-axonic synpase under study.
Click HERE for a brief explanation (35sec, 6MB).


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