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Goldfish Mauthner Cell - DISSECTION
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Below are photos of some of the key steps in the dissection of goldfish brain down to the level where the Mauthner cell and the VIIIth nerve are located.   The Mauthner cells are located bilaterally in the medulla oblangata, ventral to the cerebellum.
Dissection to the Mauthner Cell
Click HERE for 40 second video (7MB)

Removing the braincase.

Using suction to remove fatty tissue.

Slowly the brain becomes visible.

Brain is exposed.

Close-up view of clean brain.

Lifting the cerebellum and removing connective tissue to reveal the IV ventricle.

Holding the cerebellum up to gain access to the medulla.

Using a small strip of tissue to hold the cerebellum up and out of the way.

Pulling the strip rostrally and pressing it down to hold it in place.


Locating the VIII nerve and placing the stimulating electrode

The blue arrow indicates the tissue used to hold back the cerebellum.

Additional skull is removed to access the VIII nerve.

The VIII nerve can be seen along the side of the brainstem.

A close-up view of the bipolar stimulating electrode.  This electrode is not in its stimulating position - it is just suspended over the brain.

Here the stimulating electrode (blue arrow) is in place on the VIII nerve (yellow arrow).

This photo is the same as the  previous photo but "zoomed out."  The blue arrow indicates the stimulating electrode.


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