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"Sex, Stress and the Hippocampus: Receptors, Intracellular Mechanisms and Synaptic Plasticity"
Bruce S. McEwen, PhD

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Slide 31: Estrogen induction of new spine synapses requires active NMDA receptors.
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Slide 32: Estrogen treatment increases NMDA receptor current.
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Slide 33: Nuclear estrogen receptors that mediate effects on NMDA receptor current are located in inhibitory interneurons.
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Slide 34: One model that may summarize estrogen effects on pyramidal neurons.
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Slide 35: Estrogen receptors can also be found outside of cell nuclei (in spines, astrocyte processes, and presynaptic terminals)!
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Slide 36: Localization of alpha estrogen receptor in dendritic spines of CA-1 pyramidal cells.
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