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Whole Cell Patch Clamp Technique - EQUIPMENT
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Diagram of the whole cell recording configuration

CELL ATTACHED PATCH: When the pipette touches the cell membrane and forms a high resistance seal (~1GOhm), you are in the "cell attached" recording configuration.  You do this before making the "whole cell" recording.

WHOLE CELL RECORDING: When you apply suction to the back of the pipette to break the cell membrane, you enter the "whole cell" recording mode.  In this configuration the pipette solution and the cell interior become contiguous.


Recording equipment

Overview of the recording set-up: microscope, patch clamp amplifier, computer.

A close-up view of the recording scope. The recording electrode is attached to the blue headstage.

A close-up view of the microscope stage. The cells are plated on a glass coverslip that is adhered to the bottom of the plastic dish. The electrode holder does not have a pipette on it in this picture.
Tobias and Kamran are using the computer to run the patch clamp amplifier and collect data. 


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