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WEB LECTURE:-Erminio Costa, MD
"Pleiotropic Action of Reelin in Psychosis"
Erminio Costa, MD
Scientific Director, Psychiatric Institute
University of Illinois at Chicago
Member, National Academy of Sciences

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Lecture Posted December 12, 2000
OFFICE HOURS (live discussion) for this Lecture:  To Be Announced
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Slide 1: Pleiotropic Action of Reelin in Psychosis
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Slide 2: Reelin Gene Structure and its Homopolymerization
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Slide 3: Reelin and Cortical Neuronal Development
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Slide 4: Distribution of Neurons and Reelin Positive Cells in Baboon Cortex
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Slide 5: Reelin Expression in Gabaergic Neurons
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Slide 6: Reelin Localization to Dendritic Shafts and Spines
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