Neurobiology of Disease
Workshop 2003: On-Line

Epilepsy: Genes and Molecular Plasticity

The Neurobiology of Disease Workshop is a yearly educational event at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting.  The 2003 Neurobiology of Disease Workshop focused on epilepsy; specifically, the genetic and molecular aspects of epilespy. This set of on-line lectures shows the original slides and audio from all five lectures given during the 2003 workshop.

The workshop on epilepsy shown here took place on November 7, 2003, at the SfN meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.  It was organized by SfN members Jeffrey L. Noebels, MD, PhD and Marc A. Dichter, MD, PhD. 

For information about the 2004 NDW, please check the SfN website.  Comments about the workshop can be directed to members of SfN's education committee which sponsors the NDW.  Comments about this website can be emailed to the SfN International Affairs Committee webperson at . 

For neuroscience instructors at all levels:  Please use the information and images contained on this site for your own teaching activities.  You do not need to contact us for permission, however, credit to the workshop is requested.

More information about epilepsy can be found through the American Epilepsy Society.

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SPEAKERS on Epilepsy: Genes and Molecular Plasticity

  1. Dan Lowenstein, MD - University of California San Francisco
    Epileptogenesis: From Normal to Epilepsy
  2. Peter B. Crino, MD, PhD - University of Pennsylvania
    Genes, Migration and Hyperexcitable Dysplasias
  3. Jeffrey L. Noebels, MD, PhD - Baylor College of Medicine
    Channelopathy and Epilepsy
  4. John Huguenard, PhD - Stanford Medical School
    Pacemaking and Network Synchronization
  5. Frances Jensen, MD - Harvard Medical School
    Neonatal Seizures and Neuroprotection Strategies
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