Mugshots Coffeehouse: Treasure of West Campus

Mugshots Coffeehouse is really a real gem of western Campus at Winona State University!


If you know everything about Winona State’s West Campus, you understand it is a thrilling and appealing environment. Something is often taking place, and events are often being apply to offer pupils an opportunity to relate with each other and their particular community.


Mugshots, a regular chance for pupils to share with you their abilities, embodies the vibrant personality that western Campus is renowned for.


Jazz band playing at Mugshots

Janae Mann ’20




Many people don’t understand all of that Winona State does for pupils to get plugged into a strong neighborhood, create thoughts, and benefit from possibilities to showcase their particular abilities!


A year-round hub of enjoyment, Mugshots hosts performers by having a number of skills, including vocalists, stars, and musicians.


All WSU pupils possess great chance to do within coffeehouse!


Where and when?


In Lourdes Hall, every Thursday night at 8:30pm, Mugshots have performers or karaoke!


Performers can be pupils from campus, teams from campus like runner-up (Winona State’s Improv Club), or simply people who come to see university.


Why wouldn’t you check out Mugshots?


This hidden treasure of West Campus isn’t just for students who inhabit western Campus’s residence halls to savor. All WSU students are welcome to take pleasure in the no-cost entertainment every Thursday evening!



– Victoria Alattore ’22 and Janae Mann ’20